5 Weeks To Manifest One Desire - 27th January to 28th February


About The Game

5 Weeks

Complete focus on your end result for 5 weeks

1 Desire

Manifest one (or more) desire to life in 5 weeks


Manifesting should be fun and effortless so come play


Be in a high vibration community committed to you

The Manifestation Game Outline

Participate from anywhere in the world. Internet access required

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Create the vision of the life you would love to live!  Not sure how?  That is exactly what we will cover in this module.  Quickly, easily and effortlessly you will know what it is that you would love to bring to life, what your heart would love to create.

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You are like a magnet!  You attract to you what you are in a vibration with.  So, it is important that you are in the right vibration to manifest your desires.  Sounds complicated?  It truly isn't, nothing I do ever is and I invite you to join me in raising your vibration and getting your manifesting mojo on.

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When we are not manifesting (despite the will, the desire and the visualisation) it is because  you are placing your power elsewhere.  Your power is being given to your limiting beliefs and all the 'reasons' you think that you are not able to manifest.  Find out where you are placing your power and then change your focus.

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Manifesting is NOT about visualising what you want all the time.  Too many people have been disillusioned about manifesting (you may know it as The Law of Attraction) because despite REALLLLLY wanting something and focusing on it all the time they didn't get it.  A vital step was missed out ... Action!  Find out how easily you can take action to manifest.

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Sweet Hallelujah!  Let's see those desires come to life.  You've done it once now let's try twice, thrice ... you get the idea.  Let's create leverage and continue to create the life of your dreams.  You will have created a layer of a manifesting structure throughout each module and now it is time to put the roof on top.

Suggested Categories For You To Manifest

In What Area Of Your Life Do You Desire The Most Change?

Wealth & Abundance

If money and finance is your nemesis, it is time to make it your friend


Waiting for Mr Right? Manifest the relationship you desire

Health & Wellbeing

Yum! Manifest your radiance, vitality and wellbeing. Fall in love with you!


Office on a beach? Half a year abroad? Manifest the lifestyle you desire

What Is Included In The Manifestation Game

Key Components To Look Forward To

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    Weekly Workbook & Audio Lesson

Every Friday your  Manifestation Workbook and Audio lesson for the week will drop into your email inbox.

Plenty of time to read through and listen before the FAQ & Review.

TOTAL TIME: 1.5 Hours

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    Manifestation FAQ & Review

Starting Tuesday 31st January you will receive a release of the FAQ's posted in the Facebook group and an audio review of the previous Fridays module.

In my experience the quality of the results is dependant on the quality of the questions that you post into the Facebook group.  You will also learn from the questions that other delegates ask.

TOTAL TIME: Up to 1 Hour

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    Lifetime Access To The Manifestation Game

In addition to being able to download all the resources in The Manifestation Game everytime we play (likely to be quarterly) you will be invited to join in.  You will have access to all updates of the game, new resources and materials, as they are developed.  Lifetime Membership also qualifies you for member bonuses.

Success Stories

❝ This week has been simply amazing. Jacqueline! I've been following your advice from our call and have been visualising every morning, it's working. I’m so excited because I quoted £15k for a 6 month program, my highest ever price, and she said yes❞


Transformational Coach

❝ For the first summer since being in business I took the time off to spend with family ... priceless!❞



❝Jacqueline, thank you for showing me what I could achieve in such a short time❞




Jacqueline Rogers is a Metaphysician, Certified NLP Trainer and a Business & Lifestyle Coach. A renowned business owner; the Founder and franchisor of a global franchise; The Athena Network who are currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary!

Jacqueline works with women to CREATE a PURPOSEFUL LIFE, women who are committed to making a MEANINGFUL contribution and who have a DESIRE to be EXTRAORDINARY.

Women who are committed to a deep transformation through love, joy and peace and have a burning desire to see their dreams come to life.

Women who are looking to realign with MIND | BODY | SOUL and seeking connection with other women who desire the same

The Manifestation Game Modules Released

1:00am PST | 4:00am EST | 9:00am UK


27th January


3rd February


10th February


17th February


24th February

Do You Have Any Questions For Me Before You Commit To The Manifestation Game?

The Manifestation Game FAQ's

  • q-iconWhat if I don't know what I want to manifest?

    Module One is focused on bringing your vision and your desire alive.  I’ll be guiding you through the process so that you will know what you want to work on for The Manifestation Game.

    Learn one key to manifesting even when you do not have a specific idea in mind!

  • q-iconWhat do you mean by Lifetime Membership?

    Every time The Manifestation Game is played (likely to be quarterly) you will be invited to play.  You will have access to all updates of the game, new resources and materials, as they are developed.  Lifetime Membership also qualifies you for member bonuses.


  • q-iconWho is The Manifestation Game for?

    Anyone who would like to manifest their desires!  Seriously, if you have struggled to bring a creation to life, you have been distracted by all the ‘advice’ that is available about manifesting then this online course is for you.

    Easy, effortless and flexible.

  • q-iconWho is The Manifestation Game not for?

    I honestly cannot think of who would not benefit from playing The Manifestation Game BUT if you are not willing to make a commitment to manifest your hearts desires and are looking for a ‘done for you’ programme our energy would not be in alignment.

  • q-iconWhat if I fall behind on the modules?

    Life happens and I know what it is like to be crazy busy.  I’m an entrepreneur running several businesses and with family commitments and study I can appreciate how easy it can be to fall behind.

    So, the modules/weeks have been structured so that you can access them in bite-size chunks and in your own time.  The one thing I would recommend you do is be available for the Q & A calls for one hour each week so that you have the opportunity to be coached.

    You can do this!  You are a powerful creator!  Remember, you have Lifetime Membership.

  • q-icon How much personal time will I get with Jacqueline?

    Each week, on Tuesdays at 6pm GMT you are invited to attend the Q & A coaching call.

    Raise your hand, ask a question, and get a few minutes of personalised coaching from me. All the questions will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis.  What that means is that you listen (and learn from) others being coached.

    Also, I am highly visible in the Facebook group and 100% committed to your desires.  Show up on the Q & A and ask great questions …

Refund Policy

All payments for The Manifestation Game are non-refundable.

I understand that might sound strict.  To be in the spirit and vibration of this game I'm not going to let you give up or bale out!

If you're ready to play and join The Manifestation Game, then make your payment and then play full out 100%.

I'm 100% committed to your manifestation, I want you to be too and understanding that there is no 'Plan B', i.e "if I decide not to do it I'll ask for my money back" will support you.